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A Piece of Sky

The Airbus upcycling platform

Are you a craftsperson, a designer or a company specialising in furniture design? Do you crave the thrill of taking on new challenges?

Join us to transform recycled aircraft parts into unique objects or furniture.



If you could create anything, what would it be?

Whether solo or as part of a team, share your most extraordinary ideas and tell us how you could make them a reality.


In your hands, unique objects take shape.

Build, cut, assemble and give new life to one-of-a-kind objects or mass-market products.

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Being a “dreamer” means reimagining everyday objects from a new angle: yours.

By joining this project and working to give new life to recycled aircraft parts, you have an incredible opportunity to share your passion with others and to showcase your design vision to the world.

Ready for the adventure ? ?

Collaborating with Airbus and other dreamers like you is an unprecedented experience.

Join us and share your unique design vision.